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This is a reference entry. This post contains reference materials about a certain subject that can be found on the internet. This list is in no way an exhaustive list. This post will be updated continually so please bookmark this link or check back often. About Chlorogen:
Chlorogen, Inc. is a biotechnology company that specializes in the expression of pharmaceutical proteins in the chloroplasts of plants. Through its patented chloroplast transformation technology, Chlorogen is committed to being a world-class producer of beneficial proteins and antibodies for human therapy. In addition to co-developing our own pharmaceutical pipeline, we are pursuing collaborative arrangements in other markets, such as food and feed, biopolymers and biodefense.
- From Chlorogen's website Website News items: 10/4/05 - - Tobacco Biotech Options Weighed 8/16/05 - - Chlorogen Acquires License to Patents - Blogged here 7/27/05 - St. Louis Business Journal - Legislators, businesses take biotech fight to Capitol Hill
8/7/05 - STLtoday - Biotech startup gets tangled in SBA rule
5/20/04 - Chlorogen, Sigma-Aldrich deal to develop CTT
8/6/03 - Chlorogen’s New Method of Altering Crop Plants May Cut Drug Costs, Eliminate Pollen Drift Concerns - Good introductory article about this company. 6/20/03 - Creve Coeur Startup Develops Human Plasma from Tobacco

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