Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Go see Shannon Lawson

Here's a bit of non-science related content. I want to talk about one of the best pickers and singers you will ever hear. His name is Shannon Lawson. I first started listening to his music when he was fronting the bluegrass band called "The Galoots". Back around 1999 or so, he moved to Nashville and was signed by RCA who promptly changed his entire image and ruined his music. He did have one semi-hit - "Goodbye on a Bad Day". Since then he has been trying to get his career back on track. He is a charter member of the Muzik Mafia. Let's put it this way, if you are a fan of corporate country, then please, don't go and see him, you won't like the fact that he rarely has a drummer, no keyboards, he actually sings (doesn't lip-synch), his music is simple and not layered, an electic guitar in the band is an option (not a requirement), do you get the picture??? His music is back where he wants it to be. For those of you wondering what type of music his music is well, I guess you could describe it as Bluegrass with alot of blues, rock, and just about anything else mixed in with it. Shannon is not afraid to crank out a Jimmy Hendrix or Grateful Dead song bluegrass style. In addition, not only does he have a great voice, but he is also a master of the guitar and writes most of the music he plays. Tell me, how many of your corporate country clones out there can actually lay down a few licks on a guitar or pen more than one or two songs on their new CD. So drop by is website where you can sample some of his music and if you ever get a chance, please see him in person. He has been touring alot with James Otto recently. I am interested in seeing what will come out of that collaboration. Later

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