Thursday, July 21, 2005


Big-Pharma is finally catching on

Derek Lowe over at In the Pipeline has some interesting comments about Schering-Plough's announcement of new tutti-frutti Clarinex:
The devil does indeed find work for idle hands. And those hands are capable of most anything, even. . .tutti-frutti Clarinex.
Well I say, its about time the pharmaceutical industry caught up with the biotech industry. Case in point: Golden Rice (maybe William Burke would even like this one). While big pharma is adding natural flavors (is tutti-frutti a natural flavor?) to their product, biotech is years ahead by starting with a natural food with a natural flavor, (okay so rice is pretty bland) and adding their product to it. Of course, I say all of this in jest. Hopefully, this product won't become like Dimetapp were you have to make the taste worse so kids aren't slurping down more than they should.

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