Saturday, January 01, 2005


Large Scale Biology

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Large Scale Biology Corporation's (LSBC) goal is to develop, manufacture and commercialize plant-made pharmaceutical proteins and vaccines. LSBC has successfully garnered an international reputation as an innovator in biomanufacturing. Driven by its unique GENEWARE® RNA plant viral gene expression technology, LSBC has taken integration of plant-made pharmaceuticals from gene to production further than any other company. GENEWARE® technology is complemented by a full commercial-scale capability to produce, extract, purify, finish and fill a wide range of pharmaceutical proteins.
- From Large Scale Biology's Website Website News items: LSBC/Growers Research Group Collaboration: 11/22/05 - Growers Research Group and LSBC ink licensing deal LSBC/Cincinatti Children's Hospital alliance: Blogged here
8/1/05 - Press Release - Large Scale Biology Corporation Receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Orphan Drug Designation for Its Lysosomal Acid Lipase Product
5/2/05 - Press Release - Large Scale Biology Corporation and Cincinnati Children's Accelerate Lysosomal Acid Lipase Development Program LSBC/Planet Biotechnology alliance: Blogged here 7/12/05 - Press Release - Yahoo - Large Scale Biology Corporation and Planet Biotechnology Inc. Announce Expansion of Biomanufacturing Program Financial News: 12/22/05 - LSBC Ceases Operations 12/12/05 - LSBC announces 1 for 5 stock split 10/30/05 - LSBC Firms Up Funding 10/9/05 - LSBC Backs Out of Equity Deal? 8/9/05 - Press Release - Large Scale Biology Corporation (LSBC) Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter 2005 8/8/05 - Press Release - Large Scale Biology Corporation Secures Equity Line of Credit up to $15,000,000 From Southridge Capital Management LLC's Advised Fund, Brittany Capital Management Ltd. and Bridge Financing from CEO and Chairman 8/3/05 - Audio - Wall Street Reporter interview with Chairman of the Board Bob Irwin 8/2/05 - Press Release - Large Scale Biology to Transfer Listing of Securities from Nasdaq National Market to Nasdaq SmallCap Market Patents #6344597 - Interspecific nicotiana hybrids and their progeny RJR Reynolds documents Please note: These documents were released as part of the Master Settlement Agreement between the various big tobacco corporations and the U.S. Government. Letter from Bob Erwin to Robert DiMarco expressing interest in a business relationship
Notes from Gary Hellman to Robert DiMarco on Biosource Biosource/RJR Business Contract Another memo from Gary Hellman to Robert DiMarco regarding the proposed collaboration 1991 Biosource field trials report

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