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This is a reference entry. This post contains reference materials about a certain subject that can be found on the internet. This list is in no way an exhaustive list this post will be updated continually so please bookmark this link or check back often. About Ventria:
Ventria Bioscience, headquartered in Sacramento, California, is uniquely positioned to become a scientific leader in the biopharmaceutical industry. We are dedicated to developing and producing innovative, high value products that enhance and save lives. We have achieved scientific excellence through internal research and development and collaborations with world-renowned biotech and industry leaders. Together we have created a rich product pipeline with innovative products in human nutrition and human therapeutics. The market for these products exceeds $2 billion annually. In 1997, Ventria's scientists developed a breakthrough protein expression technology with unrivaled efficiency. This proprietary technology platform is called ExpressTec. ExpressTec's cost-efficiency and proven commercial scalability make it possible for Ventria to address unmet and underserved needs in human and animal health by delivering affordable treatments on a global scale.
- from Ventria's website Website News items: Lacromin: 7/19/05 - Press Release - Ventria Bioscience Launches Lacromin™ a Plant-derived Growth Factor for Cell Culture Media. Budweiser conflict: 8/1/05 - Business Week - Whats So Scary About Rice Move to Missouri: 1/2/06 - Ventria's MOve to Missouri is Off 12/08/05 - Ventria's moved to Missouri is back on 11/15/05 - Ventria's Move to Missouri is on the Ropes 8/16/05 - NY Times via - Can Gene-Altered Rice Rescue the Farm Belt? - Blogged here 11/18/04 - Press Release - Northwest Missouri State University and Ventria Bioscience announce collaboration to create Northwest Missouri Center of Excellence for Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals. General: 6/30/05 - St. Joseph News-Press - Ventria chief says bioscience will amaze 12/22/04 - Press Release - Ventria Bioscience Initiates Seventh Straight Year of Production.

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