Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Scaled down deal between NW Missouri State-Ventria reached

Almost a month after the state of Missouri retracted its pledge of $10 million for the creation of a biopharming center at Northwest Missouri State and put Ventria's move to Missouri on hold, a compromise has been reached. According to the Kansas City Star: Northwest Missouri State announced scaled-down biopharming plan
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Northwest Missouri State University plans to reduce the size of a proposed biologics center on its campus, after the original idea ran into some resistance in the state Legislature. The university's Board of Regents on Thursday approved a plan to build a $12.35 million business incubator on campus that would serve clients specializing in biotechnology.
This new plan includes the original business incubator, but plans for an academic center has been put on hold. Ventria will be a tenet in the business incubator In my opinion, this was a good save by Northwest Missouri State. Keep your ears perked for further developments.

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