Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The saddle fell off

First, I was back in the saddle, then I wasn't quite. Well, the saddle has officially fallen off. I received notification today that the job that I had accepted had officially been taken off the table. Its not the companies fault and I have no hard feelings for them. Its those darned venture capitalists that keep fouling things up. Oh well, on to the next step. If anyone out there needs someone who can take green-juice and turn it into drugs, get in touch with me. You know, now would be the perfect time for a career change. Maybe I will move to Reno and become a blackjack dealer or maybe I'll just brush up on my banjo playing and join a bluegrass band. By the way, I think I back to feeling human again after about a week and a half of being under the weather. Maybe I can get a few things done now. So, how many of you out there can say you were laid off from a job before you ever actually started?

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