Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Daily required biotech news

Is a daily post focused on biotech news required around here? Man, I'm getting pretty hard on myself. Oh well, here goes how about a 2Q earnings round-up from some of the big guys in biotech. Amgen has a "blowout" quarter according to The Fool. Biogen beats expectations Biosite's earnings up 29% (one of the best run biotechs in my opinion) Genentech's profits rise 73% Genzyme's profits jump Gilead's profits are up 76% (take that DNA) Imclone earnings are up, but not enough (how many creative ways can you come up with to say that profits increased?) All-in-all, it looks like one heck of a quarter for the big biotechs out there. Will this lead to more expansions and acquisitions?

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