Monday, October 03, 2005


Anti-GMO activists destroy French fields

According to this story at (a reprint of this report), activists calling themselves "the volunteer reapers" destroyed three fields containing transgenic organisms this summer in France. According to this website, one field belonged to Monsanto, one to Limagrain, and the last to Meristem Therapeutics. The destruction of the Meristem field has the organization Defeating Cystic Fibrosis upset as these plants contained a potential enzymes meant to relieve secondary effects of the disease. Unfortunately, progress for plant-made pharmaceutical companies in Europe is still being hindered and will probably continue to stymie investments in Europe. Fortunately, this type of resistance has not been seen on this level in the United States. Lets hope that our efforts to educate the American public about the risks and benefits of plant-made pharmaceuticals and GMOs in general continues in a logical and scientific manner.

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