Thursday, December 15, 2005


4 1/2 hours of meetings = 0

I've just realized I only have only posted five times this month. Man, I have been slacking. In reality, some other projects have been keeping me busy. The job search is back into full swing, the Save Farmhouse campaign that I'm helping in has been getting alot of press, Ag Moment is growing organically (I'm not promoting the site too much but the visitors are coming), and oh yeah, by the way, I'm still a grad student. So I think we have finally made the planning commision realize that their vision for a new "East Village" in East Lansing is not what the community wants and that the fraternities located in the area really want to be part of the community and not outcasts. The State News had a very good article covering the East Village debate. Of course, several of us had to sit through four and a half hours of a planning commission meeting last night for, well, once again the state news covers it well.

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